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I truly enjoy both my lessons and Cantabile Youth Choir, as they have given me incredible experiences. I feel that my singing has greatly improved and that the skills I have learnt have also equipped me for my future.


Amanda Robinson - 15yrs. - Grade 3 Student (Singing).


I have been a student with Mrs. S. for over half my life. Being part of 'The Christine Sumner Academy of Music' has opened up numerous opportunities, enabling me to showcase what I have learnt, whilst still growing and developing from each experience. Mrs. S. has inspired me to pursue my musical passions as a career, whilst still maintaining a realistic approach.The maxim - 'Success comes from hours of hard work and determination', motivates and encourages me to achieve.


Alexandra Beeson - 18 yrs. - Grade 8 student (Singing) Grade 5 (Piano).


I love coming to my lessons, they really help and have made my voice stronger. Mrs. S. is very nice and has confidence in me. She really pushes me to do as well as I can. My piano skills have improved very quickly and I really enjoy playing.


Naomi King - 9yrs.- Grade 1 Student (Singing) (Beginners Piano).


I love my lessons! They have helped me grow as a singer and a person. The lessons provide invaluable technique and amazing teaching.


Amy van Walsum - 20yrs. - Grade 8 Student (Singing)-Grade 4 (Piano) going to Birmingham Conservatoire on Scholarship.


I really like coming to my lessons. If I have had a bad day, Mrs.S. really cheers me up.


Isabella Jones - 11yrs. - Grade 2 Student (Singing).


I really enjoy singing because it helps me to unwind, challenges me and allows me to achieve great things. It is also something I wish to continue with in the future. In my lessons we identify 'areas which require attention and then work at these both in the lesson and at home', following the plan Mrs. S. sets me. This really helps me to improve. With the help of Mrs.S. I have improved massively this year.


Jessica Jaques - 15yrs. - Grade 5 Student (Singing).


I enjoy my lessons because they give me the confidence to sing on my own, having been given expert advice on how to improve. Having lessons for several years has given me this confidence and my singing has definitely improved. I have also been given wonderful performance opportunities and have therefore learnt to deal with different situations, and have been to wonderful places and venues.


Jessica Williams - 15yrs. - Grade 4 Student (Singing).


I enjoy piano lessons because of the challenge of learning new pieces and developing my skills. Mrs. S. makes learning fun and I really like her lessons.


Anouk Smith - 14yrs. Grade 4 Student (Piano).


I really enjoy me lessons with Mrs. S. I have only been at the Academy for year, but I believe my technique has improved greatly. I have also been given invaluable performance opportunities which have given me more confidence and developed my performance skills.


Harry Fulleylove - 17rs. Grade 8 Student (Piano).


My lessons with Mrs. S in both Singing and Piano, have allowed me to develop so many vital skills for life, such as persevrance, confidence and determination to succeed at everything I attemp. As well as providing me with life skills, my lessons with Mrs. S. give me something to look forward to every week.


Jaya Prabhakar - 17yrs. - Grade 8 (Singing)- Grade 5 (Piano).


I really enjoy my singing lessons at The Academy - they give me confidence and help me improve. I also love Cantabile Youth Choir. I enjoy all the tours and concerts and have made lots of friends.


Chace Archer - 14yrs. - Grade 4 (Singing).


During my years at The Academy, I have received an extremely high level of tuition in both Singing and Piano, as well as being given invaluable performance opportunities. The Academy has provided me with important values and skills and helped me in both my musical and personal development. My vocal progression has been carefully nurtured which has given me the opportunity to pursue a career in Performance.


Sam Marston - 21yrs.- Grade 8 (Singing) - Grade 5 )Piano) - Going to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland on Scholarship.


My lessons with Mrs. S. have helped me over the years to gain vital life skills such as confidence, perseverance and determination. I always look forward to my lessons every week, because I always learn something new and this motivates me to work hard. I really enjoy the lessons; as well as working hard, I have fun.


Anya Prabhakar - 16yrs.- Grade 6 (Singing)- Grade 5 (Piano).





Amanda Robinson- Cantabile Youth Choir Award 2015

Alexandra Beeson - Most Promising Singer- 2015

Naomi King - Junior Musician - 2015

Amy van Walsum- The Academy- 2009-2015-Individual Gift-Going to Birmingham Conservatoire.

Isabella Jones- Junior Singer 2015.

Jessica Jaques - Intermediate Musician 2015.

Jessica Williams- Intermediate Singer 2015.

Anouk Smith - Most Improved Pianist 2015.

Harry Fulleylove - Most Promising Pianist 2015.

Jaya Prabhakar - Senior Singer 2015.

Chace Archer - Most Improved Singer 2015.

Sam Marston -The Academy 2001-2015- Individual Gift-Going to The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Anya Prabhakar - Senior Pianist 2015.

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